I am: a graphic designer and art director, a semi-professional ballet dancer (of questionable talent), an aspiring yogi, a lover of Lego and a boating enthusiast.

I enjoy: unique packaging, letterpress printing, vintage clothing and anything else that looks old in style, fantastic typography and bungalow style houses. And Dr. Pepper – I drink way too much Dr. Pepper.

I’d rather avoid: using Comic Sans (unless weirdly appropriate), using too much text and not enough white space or the mixing of too many different elements in general. I’d also rather avoid running. Unless chased. By zombies. With bad design sense.

I’d rather be: a full-time permanent employee opposed to a perpetual contractor. Or, designing something fantastic, learning new skills and making stuff happen. If none of that works out then being somewhere hot sitting in a boat is good too.

I’m really good at: being taught and adapting quickly, leading by example, color acuity, wearing green, hyper-flexibility in mind and body, and remembering minute details. I can name that (serif) font at twenty paces and bring down charging creative directors with my magic ultra-fine point sharpie. San-serif fonts require ten paces or less.

I’m influenced by: architecture and history, vintage travel posters, turn of the century advertising and quackery, and things nautical in nature.

*Disclaimer – I have no association, personal or professional to Amy Beth McCatrey A.K.A. ‘Amy B. Schwalbert’.